Jason Henderson

Jason HendersonJason Henderson is an internationally recognized speaker and facilitator. He is Chief Informational Officer for Ergo Solutions LLC and Board member and Executive Director of Ergo Resolutions Inc.

Jason has spoken to, consulted for and supported for-profit and non-profit companies, professional organizations and other organizations across the United States. His clients include American Academy of Physical Therapy, DCHCA District of Columbia Health care Association, Maryland Health care Association, DC Board of Nursing as well as various other organizations.

Jason is a Doctor of Physical Therapy by trade who came to business speaking and consulting following a successful career training and educating health care students, and Universities throughout the U.S. In 2001, Jason began working with his clients as a professional speaker, consultant, trainer and facilitator in the area of generational dynamics and diversity; he now speaks, trains and consults regularly on topics related to generational dynamics in the marketplace and workplace, as well as on issues related to leadership, consumer service, recruiting and retention, training and development, marketing and branding, and a host of other mission critical topics.

In addition to his speaking and training engagements, Jason also contributes to various publications and other media across the Country; in 2010 Jason appeared as a Health care expert on various radio shows on the East coast.

Jason is a cum laude graduate of Florida A&M University where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical therapy. He also earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Alabama State University. He is a trained speaker under Michael McFadden and the Leadership Training Company in Maryland

Jason Henderson is a dynamic, energizing speaker and consultant whose events are not only tailor made to inform, inspire and motivate groups large and small, but are also fun and exciting, leaving audiences smiling and empowered to face the challenges of today’s hypercompetitive marketplaces and workplaces.