Positive Hope


Positive Hope’s purpose is to position businesses and communities for greater success through diversity and leadership development.  In order to fulfill this purpose, Positive Hope will conduct the following activities, funded by external fundraising activities.

Training & Consulting Services

Positive Hope provides job-relevant, skills-specific, contemporary, realistic trainings and consulting services to for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, community groups, and faith-based institutions in the following areas: cultural competency and bridging cultures, developing and launching diversity initiatives, strategic diversity planning, leadership development, team building, and fostering excellence through enhanced understanding of ways people self-identify including, but not limited to: race, age, career, disabilities, religion/spirituality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and gender. Trainings and consulting services will be rendered on a sliding fee scale, including pro bono. Length of trainings will vary as needed, ranging from an hour to multiple-day retreats. Positive Hope will also create toolkits comprised of items to help entities diversify and develop leadership on their own or in conjunction with Positive Hope’s trainings and consulting services. Trainings and consulting services further Positive Hope’s exempt purpose to position businesses and communities for greater success through diversity and leadership development by enhancing their ability to effectively navigate the simultaneously diverse yet homogeneous world. Entities that tie diversity and inclusion to their business strategies increase performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Speaker Bureau

Positive Hope helps universities, corporations, and high schools find high quality, African-American speakers for different events.

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